Teaching Tiny Humans ABCs

Welcome to Teaching Tiny Humans ABCs! 

Play Dough Sensory Kits for Kids.

Here at Teaching Tiny Humans ABCs, our goal is to provide your kiddos with fun ways to develop expressive language and fine motor skill development through imaginative play! 

Fellow Mommas, let's work together to help nurture their creativity and inspire them to play and IMAGINE!


Teaching Tiny Humans ABCs

Thank you so much for visiting our site! Our play dough kits provide much more than just a form of entertainment for your littles. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, while at home with my two boys, I started noticing a change in behavior in my eldest son Edgar. He seemed stressed and anxious from all the changes (being quarantined, not being able to socialize with his friends, and missing school).

At the end of March 2020, I began a blog to share learning activities I was doing at home with him. Every week, I included sensory based play in these activities I noticed that when he engaged in such activities, he remained both calm and focused. 

Sensory play is so helpful in so many ways for young children. Among them is fine motor skill development, imaginative play, language development and many others. 

It makes me so happy to know that with each kit, I am impacting children in so many amazing ways! I hope our kits bring your kiddos as much joy as it brings me to make them.